How to Increase breast size by massage-Important

First of all, this article is about to increase breast size by massage naturally and it will cover one of the crucial steps which is breast massage. Out of several natural ways to gain weight in breasts, massage is very important that is completely safe and effective. Furthermore, this must be performed in correct way with some ointments to avoid rashes on breasts.

Breast massage Tips

Ways of breast massage are defined in many varieties. Here is discussion on one of the effective and easiest way. In breast massage, very firm pressure is needed using inward, upward, circular and downward strokes for 5-15 minutes once or twice daily. It is suggested to choose twice a day if you want faster result. At the time of massage, blood circulation around the massaged area increases that stimulate the mammary glands for firming and enhancing.

Best time for Breast massage

It is suggested to choose the massage time right after your shower. If you are doing it twice a day then does it again before going to bed.

Take Ointments for Breast Massage

If you are willing to increase breast size by massage with dry palm then it causes rashes on your breasts or swelling. To avoid this damage, take ointments before starting the massage. You can choose using massage oil or breast cream as ointment. Many ointments and creams have been already introduced in market to boost the benefits of breast enhancement massage. Using such cream helps to improve the fullness of breasts as well as overall appearance. It will help to growth of tissues to make your breasts larger, firmer, perkier and uplifted.

Breast Massage Activity in Steps

  • First of all rub your palm with each other to warm it up.
  • Apply some massage oil or breast enhancement cream on your breasts. This is to make you feel comfortable while massaging
  • Start from the center of your breasts with firm pressure with your both palms. Rub in a circular motion from inwards to outwards with the shape of breasts. Repeat this about 25 times.
  • Start from the underarms area, hand movement towards the front. Repeat about 25 times.
  • Use both hands lifting the breasts with firm support just like shaking. Repeat this motion about 25 times as well.
  • Repeat step 3 with lighter pressure.
  • Once you finish your acts, end with connecting both breasts with both palms. Place your each palm on each breast and move it circular.
Increase breast size by massage
Increase Breast size by massage
Step 3
Increase Breast Size By Massage
Step 3
Increase Breast size by massage
Last Step
Increase Breast size by massage
Last Step
Increase Breast size By massage
Last Step

If you want to increase breast size by massage, it is required to do this self massage regularly at least once a day, twice is better. For better effective result, you need to use breast enlargement cream instead of massage oil.

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How To Increase Nipple And Breasts Size

Are you also one of those people who are seeking for solution to get bigger breasts? In fact, this is not difficult to find the way. But the difficult thing is to choose the correct one.

Out of several available options over there, choosing the right one is little bit difficult. It doesn’t mean that you need to get expertise on all the related factors. All you need is to go with option which is natural and completely safe.

Safety is very much prior because here everything is related with body and health. First choose all natural ways then take steps forward. Now, pick all appropriate steps that help you out to get bigger, firmer and attractive breast by increase breast size and also help you to increase nipple size.

Drink Healthy

To increasing special body part, this is important that some additional vitamins and healthy ingredients are there for work. Research has proven that out of many healthy drinks the mix papaya and milk juice is one of the best to help in breasts grow. Yes, you are right. It is just papaya and milk which are easily available and can be taken regularly. It also helps to bring shine on your face. You can also take only fresh papaya as an alternative.

Little Exercise

There are several ways to exercise and also target different motives. Just choose those exercises which accomplish your goal. All you need to go for chest related exercise like bench press, pushup, fly and etc. You can also do some more research on it to find out which exercise is good for you and do them every day.

Take Protein

To build muscles protein is unavoidable ingredients. It is one of the best ways to increase breasts size and increase nipple size. You need to take it from various foods. Try taking more milk, eggs, lean fishes and chicken and nuts. These all should be taken as a well balanced diet. It makes your female curves more soft, enhanced and rounded nicely. It is important to avoid processed food, fast foods, sodas, sugar etc and replace them with water and vitamins saturated drinks.

Breasts Massage

It is well known that if you exercise for particular body part then that grows more than other party. Here you need to increase breast size and increase nipple size. So you should perform some specific breasts related exercise. Exercises like pushups are helpful to build muscles around your breast means it covers chest area completely. But, Breasts Massage is different than those exercises.

It is very much known that Massage helps to relax muscles but it also helps to increase soft muscles. Regular massage over breasts helps to increase their size and also tighten them up. Breasts massage can be done regularly, means every day and night with some ointment which is natural and safe. This helps to avoid rashes on breasts and prevent nipple sore which may occur while massaging. It will really helpful to increase breast size with all natural ways.

One more thing you need to careful about is patience. Don’t look your breasts everyday like it is going to be perfect within hours. All you need to be careful about the improvement whether your breasts are better from yesterday or not. If yes, you are doing right.

Follow every step wisely and Take care of yourself and your breasts and nipples. Stay beautiful.

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Boost sexual Satisfaction in Marriage

Just after your marriage, you were curious about sex. No matter how many times you have to do, you are just ready to do that. That was your high time of sexual satisfaction. Then your kids came, more responsibilities came into picture, and even your life partner, that beautiful lady, your wife also forgot about herself too. Now, sex is on rare occasions and became dull and predictable. It is sure that most of you married guys are not satisfy your sexual life after few years of marriage.

sexual satisfaction

Let me help you out here. Here are some tips to bring that spice back in your life even after having kids and further responsibilities.

You need to take care of your wife somewhat similar like she just came into your life. Help her with house hold activities and try to make her in less stress. It also makes here careful about your requirement and defiantly pours her love on you. It is first step to add that flavor in your married life again.

After having baby, it is very much obvious to added responsibility and your wife will most like spend more time with your child. Working throughout the day make here tired and sometime she makes some excuses like honey, not tonight. Most of the time, she is wear the ‘mom’ hat instead of ‘wife’ hat. It doesn’t mean that having baby is end of your sex life.

Don’t limit yourself to having sex inside the bedroom. Try to take advantage of your child nap time and get intimated with your wife thru hugging, cuddling and kissing. It may activate her for you and you may get sexual night again. Try to be careful for your baby for a few hours while you are your wife spends some time together. Let it happen slowly, don’t rush your wife to getting your sex life back.

Don’t always seek for be a husband, try to be a daddy too. Taking care of baby is a kind of sharing responsibility and may be effective way to boost sexual satisfaction in marriage. She needs to see that you are serious about the responsibility that comes with having a child. It includes giving them a bath, feeding them, waking up in middle of the night and even changing those dirty diapers. Show your wife that you care her and baby too, it makes her happy with you and increase sexual affection in spare time. This increases you sexual satisfaction in marriage.

At every night or before day ends, you must have a positive conversation with your wife and your family too because it is good for healthy relation even having number of problems. Such behavior keeps relax your wife and you get benefited at night in your bedroom. These may increase sexual satisfaction in marriage.

Try to plan sex date occasionally. It helps to make your relation with your wife something more than pleasant and it makes her feel she is really very special for you. It is obvious, if your wife thinks such good thing about you then you are the ultimately making her drive up for sex. Sex dates are a special night which is decorated for sex and intimacy. You can plan anything like taking shower together in the morning or sending flirty text messages that will surely make your wife happy.

These are some special tips to increase sexual satisfaction and sexual satisfaction in marriage life. To know more, be with forthcoming articles.


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